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Launching the NASCC Membership

Our website is constantly being updated, with new and revised information, templates and resources, so please visit regularly.

Our Story

The Founders of National Association of School and College Clerks (NASCC), Fee Stagg and Sharon Warmington are professional Clerks with decades of experience in governance across all sectors. Our idea of NASCC was formed over a well-deserved coffee, in a conference that we felt was somehow not fulfilling the needs of Clerks in the education sector.

NASCC’s first offering was the Interim Report on Clerks Pay and Conditions which was not only eye-opening but disheartening to hear the many stories of being undervalued and underpaid, for the many unsociable hours Clerks work. Our next offering was the launch of the Clerks Chronicle, a regular newsletter that always keeps Clerks at the forefront and not as a ‘silent extra’ in the governance space.

Our third offering was to bring you all together (or as many as possible) at the beginning of the new academic year, in a half-day Clerks Conference. This focussed on getting you ready for the year ahead; as well as including some professional development (no different to a staff INSET Day really).

Finally, we are here, with a brand new website and membership offer. The benefits are endless and the focus is us - Everything (where possible/practicable) is provided by professional Clerks with the sole purpose of serving professional Clerks. Please note, whilst we refer to ‘Clerks’, we are also including and serving Governance Professionals, so if we miss anything you need to do your job - just get in touch and we’ll do our best to provide it for you.

Members will have access to...

Early Release of All Clerks Chronicles

eClerk Online Courses at Discounted Prices

Priority Notice For Events (ie. Clerks Conferences)

Downloadable Resources and Materials

Group Masterclasses and Coaching

Clerks' Challenges

Our profession is notoriously underpaid and in many areas, undervalued. At NASCC we take responsibility for making sure this discussion remains at the forefront of change in the sector.
We work long unsociable hours and in many cases we sacrifice time with family and friends to make sure we get those minutes completed or the inevitable last minute meeting properly organised.
Being recognised as the professional voice around the table is not guaranteed and we often face push-back when governors or trustees cannot have their own way (which goes against the governing documents!)

Why Join?

There are an estimated 10,000 Clerks and Governance Professionals across the UK and we encourage EVERY one of you to join NASCC, not just for the benefits listed but for the assurance that you are not alone. As a NASCC Member you will be able to add it to your CV/Profile and use our collective voice to change our profession for the better. NASCC is represented on the DfE’s Advisory Group on Governance and therefore your voice - our voice - is heard, loud and clear.

Looking for a place specifically for Clerks?

We understand that clerking sits at the centre of Education Governance, so it is important to us to support you in your role.

Benefits of Joining NASCC
As experienced and current professional Clerks and Governance Professionals, we at the National Association of School and College Clerks (NASCC) want to support your personal and professional development in the governance space.


These days social media is at the very heart of professional networking, but the real power of NASCC membership lies in the opportunities it affords for local networking. NASCC Members follow literally thousands of people around the globe via Twitter, IG, LinkedIn and Facebook, but by attending informal networking and knowledge-sharing local events (virtual and where practicable in-person) NASCC Members will have the opportunity to meet, share and support Clerks and Governance Professionals whom they wouldn't have met otherwise.

Continuous Professional Development

Through the year NASCC runs masterclasses, conferences and training (on demand or live) which are specifically designed and delivered with a focus on you and your role as Clerk and Governance Professional. CPD is therefore focussed and designed to raise awareness of important issues facing you in your role from your viewpoint. All of our sessions are well-structured, high quality, and outcome-focused. Whilst some things may be geared towards the school sector or the FE sector and other things focused on maintained schools rather than academies, there will be something for everyone and more coming on board each term or half term.  As a Clerk and/or Governance Professional you will find a gem of an idea, a tip or a trick that makes all the difference to your governance practice.


At last Clerks and Governance Professionals have a professional organisation they can join without having to sit an exam or reach a certain level. It’s well known that membership of a respected organisation is perceived as a positive by existing and future employers/clients. Your membership of NASCC will undoubtedly send the message that you are serious about your profession, and you are willing to put your money where your mouth is (especially if you are funding the cost yourself).

Freebies / Member Special Offers

Whilst we will still offer free stuff to the wider network of Clerks and Governance Professionals like the Clerks Chronicle, many of our offerings will be for Members Only. Sometimes we will have products, events and training that will be on offer to the wider audience with a special offer or at no charge to members


The NASCC Awards are coming and receiving one of these awards will support your growth. These awards are important because they shine a light on outstanding work that should be showcased but might otherwise have remained undiscovered.

Raising your profile

NASCC membership will provide you with an avenue to "give something back" to the profession, perhaps by presenting at one of our events or by authoring an article in our Clerks Chronicle. While this in itself is an admirable thing to do, it's a win-win transaction as it also raises your profile in the professional community and the wider education sector.

National Conversations

NASCC is a Member of the DfE’s Advisory Group on Governance (AGOG) so we have a national voice and are part of the governance conversation at a strategic/government level. Simply put, this means your voice is our voice and we represent you as Clerks and Governance Professionals ensuring that your voice is heard especially when it comes to legislative and governance changes that impact our role and responsibilities.

Governance in other sectors

Whilst NASCC operates in the education sector, its founders and contributors have experience in other sectors nationally and internationally. The benefit for you is that we will bring news, information, knowledge and CPD opportunities directly to your screen that will aid in increasing your understanding of governance in a wider context.  From the UK Corporate Governance Code, the National Housing Federation right through to the Nasdaq Corporate Governance Requirements, NASCC will provide articles and summaries to help you understand and build your knowledge.

getting paid your worth

Although we can’t promise your existing clients or employers will pay you more, we can guarantee that you’ll increase your confidence in not settling for less. With many Clerks and Governance Professionals being paid below an acceptable rate, NASCC membership and our mentoring/coaching support sessions will assist you in taking the necessary steps to have the conversations needed to stop trading your time for money and instead be paid for the value and assurance you bring to each and every governance situation. 

Our Team

We’re a small team that has a passion for the profession, and our time running NASCC is in addition to continuing to work as professionals in our respective areas...we have minutes to do too!

Education Governance Solutions Ltd is the owner of the NASCC brand and through this company we contract with contributors for content on our website, and Onevma Ltd who are responsible for our website design and managing our membership database. If you would like to contribute to our website, please do get in touch.

Our Guide to Joining


Click on any of the available links to BECOME A MEMBER.


Create an account by registering first. Type your name (first name and surname) in the box provided, plus the email address you wish to use for your membership.

Click the next step button and you’ll be taken to an encrypted payment page.

After that...

The amount payable is shown on this screen as an annual figure. Enter your card details and please note that if you are using a business card, you may be asked to include a postcode. This must be the postcode of where the card is registered. Tick the checkbox "I confirm my card details are correct" and then the "Get Started Now" box to confirm.

Renewals will be notified at least 30 days prior to the end of your subscription period, which you can cancel at any time.  


Once you have registered, paid and have been redirected to the 'Registration Success' page, you will be automatically signed in and can access any of the membership content made available to you. Check your inbox for the login details and passwords to login.


For Corporate or Group Membership enquiries

If you wish to obtain multiple memberships under one annual payment, please CLICK HERE or the button below. Please note that the membership will remain at the standard fee per person (as quoted below, £49). You will need to email/share with us the full name and email address of each person to be added to the membership, once payment has been received.

Join NASCC - Become a Member Today

Our Full membership package gives you Unlimited access to content we create and supply for nASCC Members

  • Early Release of All Clerks Chronicles
  • eClerk Online Courses at Discounted Prices
  • Priority Notice For Events (ie. Clerks Conferences)
  • Downloadable Resources and Materials
  • Group Masterclasses and Coaching
  • Immediate Access to the Members Area



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