Claire Jones

I am a Qualified Level 3 Clerk with experience of Clerking an SEN School. I have experience in the classroom as well as Admin in schools so feel I have the relevant knowledge to support many Governing Bodies. Having a good working relationship with the Governors is essential and will support the needs of the school in the long term. The need to support the volunteer Governors and the role the play is vital in running an effective school. Having worked in both mainstream and SEN provision, I have knowledge that allows me to recognize terminology and the need for explanations around certain terms. Ensuring Governors have all they need to carry out their roles is a large part of the role of Clerk that I enjoy. Working on GovernorHub and Clerking virtual and face-to-face meetings has been an experience that has increased my skill set. Being part of Headteacher recruitment and the election of parent and staff Governors has also been beneficial to my learning and my working relationship with the board and associated parties.