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The NASCC Inaugural Conference

On Friday 3rd September 2021 we, the National Association for School and College Clerks (NASCC), hosted our inaugural conference with six speakers across half a day. We wanted to deliver an event especially for professional Clerks and Governance Professionals, to help us start the new academic year on the right path.

Thanks to all who attended (if you were able to) and subscribed to our mailing list (if you haven't yet, you can do this below). With more than 800 registrations and almost 600 in attendance on the day, we're sure you'll agree it was a resounding success, made possible due to our amazing lineup of speakers and the thoroughly engaged attendees.

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The Replay and Conference Pack

The entire conference is now available on replay. All of the speakers' slides and handouts are available below, with the 'Chat' log coming soon.

If you are unable to open the Conference Pack, download the individual items from below.

Sharon Warmington

Founder, Host, Speaker

Focus: Introduction and nascc overview

Fiona Stagg


Focus: Relationship with the chair

Katie Paxton


Focus: What every clerk needs to know about academies 

Andy Mellor


Focus: your Health and well-being

David Balme


Focus: Governance in further and higher education

Sharon Warmington


Focus: Developing Your training plan and CPD

Matt Lake


Focus: Managing policies and your policy schedule

Fiona Stagg


Focus: the nolan principles of public life

Speaker Profiles
Relationship Worksheet
Strategic vs. Operational
Governor Support
Autumn Term Checklist
Conference Chat Log

A Message of Thanks!

Our thanks go to GovernorHub for supporting this event. We appreciate you for seeing our vision and agreeing to partner with us to further support Clerks and Governance Professionals, both now and into the future.

Our Sponsor,


The conference was kindly supported by GovernorHub and following the number of questions in the Chat Log, they have produced a FAQ document for our Subscribers. This holds a wealth of information and links for your use/information. Click HERE or below to download.

NASCC Clerks Conference Sponsor - GovernorHub - September 2021-your-questions

There's more?

We have more for you, like the first three editions of the Clerks Chronicle and the Clerks Pay and Conditions Report. On the way, we have the NASCC Membership and Online Courses, under our eClerk brand, coming online soon. Scroll down to find out more.

National Association of School and College Clerks (NASCC) - Membership - October 2021

Online Courses, eClerk

Despite our eClerk website crashing recently, we have worked hard to get the Effective Minute Taking course back up and running, with more courses to be added in due course. Created prior to the pandemic (don't worry the content is still highly relevant and useful), this comprehensive online programme is valued at £199. However, a SPECIAL OFFER of £29 for NASCC subscribers is available. Please email for the discount code.

"Really valuable and very interesting and kept my attention - delivery and speed was perfect I thought, thanks."

Effective Minute Taking

Course Participant

Clerks' Chronicle

The official publication of the national association of school and college clerks

For all those who have been looking for our Newsletter... As we had to prioritise the conference on our previous site, we temporarily removed access to the Newsletter. Here are the first 3 Volumes for you to download and enjoy; and it's definitely coming back. The next edition will be available in October.

NASCC Clerks Chronicle - Vol.1 - February-March 2021
Volume 1

February/March 2021

NASCC Clerks Chronicle - Vol.2 - MayJune 2021
Volume 2

May/June 2021

NASCC Clerks Chronicle - Vol.3 - July 2021
Volume 3

July 2021

Listen to our collective voices, learn about our experiences (the pros and the cons) and let's ensure Clerks and Governance Professionals are valued for the work they do.

Interim Report

Clerks Pay and Condition Survey

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